Product Review: The TOPS Mug-03

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It’s that time of year again, it’s dark, it’s wet, it’s cold…simply put, it’s miserable!

This is where the Idaho based knife creators TOPS have stepped in to make it that little bit more bearable with their range of handcrafted heavy-duty mugs. This week I got my hands on the 03 model.

The first thing I noticed was the sheer weight of the thing! Coming in at just under a pound and with a holding capacity of 13oz, this isn’t your grandmother’s porcelain teacup that’s for sure. This is a proper mug for a proper cuppa!

The design is based on the all-time classic enamel camping mug, a staple piece for any outdoor enthusiast, but with a ceramic twist for a sturdier feel. I did have initial concerns for the handle being able to support the hefty weight of the mug, but it’s so robustly made I have no doubts it could take on whatever choice of beverage you choose this winter and many more to come.

The yellow body of the mug is speckled with black accents and a black hand painted trim, as a result every piece is slightly different, and this gives it a real authentic rustic feel.  This mug would feel just at home in the garden shed or at the campsite with a hot chocolate as it would in a log cabin in the Rocky Mountains where it was made.

The TOPS Mug Model 03 is currently priced at £29.95 which does seem a tad high to anyone who may be sitting on the fence about TOPS. Factor in the hours of craftsmanship, plus the cost of transportation across the globe and it feels a little less eye-watering – this is definitely one for the hard-core TOPS fans!

…You could always do what I do – hide the receipt and say you’ve had it for ages!

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