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Black KA-BAR Tanto

Black KA-BAR Tanto

92.40 / 110.88

The Tanto blade shape, of Asian influence, has a thick pointed blade that's good for penetration. Coupled with a glass-filled nylon sheath this knife is designed for the toughest of tasks.

Made in the USA.

Trench Hawk Trainer

Trench Hawk Trainer

14.40 / 17.28

The best of the world's sword fighters have known a simple truth for ages... if you want to become a reasonably good sword fighter you should endeavor to learn sword fighting techniques, footwork and the basic stances. However, if you want to be a master at sword fighting you have to eventually start fighting with a "live blade". If your ultimate goal is to wield a razor sharp sword safely and effectively, you need to train with a sword that approximates the size, feel and heft of a live blade, yet minimizes the possibility of causing grievous, permanent, or life-threatening injury to yourself or your training partner.

This concept was implemented by the ancient Romans, who used dull wooden swords to train their Gladiators and soldiers. And Japanese Samurai used a wooden training sword that was called a Bokken. It's an elegant solution to a vexing problem and effective enough to still be used today. The only problem is that a wooden sword can rot, crack, chip or splinter and eventually become useless.

Cold Steel's solution to these dilemmas was to design a synthetic substitute, low in price and impervious to the elements. The Cold Steel line of Training Weapons are made of heaviest grade polypropylene available and closely duplicate a real sword in length, size, weight and feel. While they're not quite as rigid as wood, they have the winning advantages of being virtually unbreakable, remarkably stiff and cut resistant.

7-7" Butcher Knife


10.80 / 12.96

The Old Hickory knife is made with fully heat treated and tempered 1095 carbon steel. Fitted with attractive hardwood handles secured with brass compression rivets. After assembly, these knives go through a sharpening process to guarantee a sharp edge to meet all needs. Old Hickory has stood the test of time and proved to be the best carbon steel kitchen cutlery sold today.

Sheath for Latin Machete - 18"

Sheath for Latin Machete - 18

7.20 / 8.64

Have you been looking for a machete with extra reach and leverage? Perhaps something with a more traditional style blade and handle? Then Cold Steel has the tool for you! Our Latin Style Machetes are available with with eighteen, twenty-one or twenty four inch blade lengths. With their non-slip, shock absorbing rubber handles, they are perfect in almost every environment fom the jungle to the forest or even on the farm.

Our machete sheaths are made of tough, black cordura nylon and feature taped and riveted seams, slotted back, double retainind straps, safety tow (where appropriate) and a generous sized belt loop the will even acccomodate a GI pistol belt.

To keep your machete edge in tip-top condition we recommend "The Puck" from Lansky Sharpeners.

Lansky Universal Mount

Lansky Universal Mount

10.80 / 12.96

The versatile Universal Mount is designed to optimise your Lansky Sharpening System

Other features include:

Compact lightweight aluminium construction
2 piece mount disassembles for easy storage
Fits in your sharpening system case
Pre-drilled base can be screwed to your workbench

Standard Sharpening System

Standard Sharpening System

36.00 / 43.20

Includes: Coarse, Medium & Fine Hones, Multi-angle Knife Clamp, Nathan's Honing Oil & 3 Guide Rods (plus spare clamp screw and guide rod thumb screw)

Coarse Hone
For producing the fastest cutting edge on all types of knives for home use, woodcarvers, sportsmen, butchers and commercial knife sharpeners

Medium Hone
Excellent for keeping a fine sharp edge on hunting, fishing, kitchen & pocket knives

Fine Hone
Produces a razor-sharp edge