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Ayami Katana

Ayami Katana

Ref: C115

  • Designed specifically for cutting
  • 9260 silicon alloy carbon spring steel blade
  • Rare geometry for a katana

Price: 301.00

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"Constructed of the 9260TH spring steel, this Shobu-Zukuri katana is our preferred variant. The shinogi (ridgeline) of this sword runs the entire length of the blade, all the way to the very tip. This configuration results in a needle-like tip where the mune-shinogi-ha comes together to a singular point, facilitating penetration of soft targets. Shobu Zukuri refers to the shape of the blade. The word ""Shobu"" means Iris, and ""Zukuri"" mean made or constructed. This type of sword is so named because of the resemblence with the leaf of an iris plant.Note that because the mune (spine), Ha (edge) and shinogi (ridge) comes together into one single point, the tip of this sword is ""needle-like"". This geometry makes it easy to penetrate soft targets in a tsuki, but because of the lack of verticle support structure, it is also more delicate. The cutting ability of the blade body at the mune machi is the same as other katanas otherwise. The tsuka is wrapped with a black same panel wrap, and a brown cotton ito wrap. The tsuba is a rounded cast iron tsuba and is much more refined than our previous tsubas."
Brand Cheness

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