Product Review: Kershaw Camp 10

Kershaw Camp 10

Kershaw do it again with this handy chopper.

With a very tough carbon steel blade and a rubberised FRN handle, this makes for an ideal camp companion.

Product Review: Cold Steel Steel Tiger AUS 8A

Cold Steel Steel Tiger AUS 8A

The Cold Steel karambit Steel Tiger is an update on a traditional Southeast Asian knife that was originally used in agriculture and as an all round ‘daily carry’. It has been updated with modern manufacturing and good quality materials.

Product Review: Kershaw Shuffle

Kershaw Shuffle

This stubby folding knife from Kershaw is a great little piece of kit, feature packed and available in a number of funky colours.

Product Review: Kershaw Ration

Kershaw Ration

When is a spork not a spork?

When it’s a Kershaw Ration.

This handy tool takes the spork to the next level with it’s great design and premium materials.

Product Review: Cold Steel Barong Machete

Cold Steel Barong Machete

This beautifully curved 18″ traditional style machete offers unbelievable value for money.

It’s a hard working tool designed for tough jobs with a design that has stood the test of time.

Product Review: Kershaw Camp 5

Kershaw Camp 5

This bowie style fixed full blade knife is a superb camp companion.

It has a high quality full tang D2 blade with excellent edge retention and hardness.

Product Review: Zero Tolerance 0230 Ansø Double Detent

Zero Tolerance Ansø 2030

Minimalist design meets maximum performance in the 0230 from ZT and Danish designer Jens Anso.

The 0230 is ZT’s first slipjoint knife, so they had to add some extra touches to this non-locking pocketknife based on Jen’s custom Monte Carlo design.