Cold Steel Training Knives Overview

Cold Steel Leatherneck S/F Trainer

Cold Steel are internationally renowned for their high quality knives, axes and machetes.

But did you know they also have a great range of training weapons too?

Knife Of The Month: Camillus Vortex Folding Knife

Our featured knife this month is the Camillus Vortex Folding Knife. This knife is absolutely amazing value, with a current saving over 40% off RRP. The Camillus VORTEX 8″ Folding Knife has a 3.25″ Carbonitride Titanium Non Stick Blade made from AUS-8 Steel. AUS-8 offers exceptional balance between toughness, edge sharpness, and corrosion resistance. The

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Pull Through Sharpeners

Pull Through Sharpeners The ‘pull through’ sharpener is probably familiar to most people. They are a quick and easy way to get a blade sharpened. Using them is incredibly straightforward – you simply place the blade in the ‘V’ shaped slot and pull it towards yourself. The angles on the sharpener are already pre-set, so

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Whetstones A whetstone is a rectangular piece of stone/rock that is used to sharpen blades. They are call ‘whet’ stones rather than ‘wet’ stones as the word ‘whet’ means ‘to sharpen’. However, when using a whetstone, you do actually wet it, which is where some of the confusion comes from. They are also sometimes known

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Sharpening Rods/Steels

Most people will be familiar with the sharpening rod or steel as they are often supplied with kitchen knife sets. A sharpening rod/steel is a bit of a misnomer – it doesn’t actually sharpen a blade at all, rather it smooths out any rough edges after sharpening. It can also revive a sharpened blade after

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Sharpening Systems

There are numerous proprietary sharpening systems out there. We cannot cover all of them, so we will cover the most popular. V Rod System A V rod system is a very simple set up. It features two sharpening rods, angled in a V. They can come with rods of different coarseness to get a really

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Cold Steel Machete Edges and Sharpening

Cold Steel Kukri Machete

So you’ve just got your brand new Cold Steel Machete.  Well done, you made a great choice. But let’s get something straight right from the get go – the edge you get on a brand new Cold Steel machete isn’t going to be as good as you would get on a Cold Steel knife. There

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Sharpening A Blunt & Damaged Machete

Restoring a damaged blade

Any tool with a cutting edge can end up blunt and damaged through usage, especially if it’s a hard working tool like an axe or machete.

Find out how to bring the edge back with this great little sharpening tool.

Different Types Of Machete


Machetes are used all over the world, evolving to suit the task at hand.

Read this handy guide to find out more about the different styles of machete available.