Product Review: Kershaw Taskmaster Saw

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Kershaw Taskmaster Saw

Compact, touch and effective, the award winning Kershaw Taskmaster is a folding saw with extra bite.

If you’ve never owned a folding saw, you’ve missed out on a really effective and efficient tool. If you have owned one, then you know just how useful these things actually are.

I always have a folding saw with me if I’m camping or trekking, it takes up less space than an axe or machete and at just over 9oz in weight it makes for a much lighter carry. The Kershaw Taskmaster saw is really compact and easy to slip into a pack. It measures a little over 16″ when unfolded with the saw blade measuring 7.25″.

The nickel plated blade is made from high carbon steel and has wickedly sharp serrations that would make light work of removing a tree limb or clearing underbrush.

The Kershaw Taskmaster saw features a button locking system which locks the blade in the closed or open position.

Simply depressing the small button near the pivot releases the blade – a nice safety feature that makes sure that the blade can’t snap shut on your fingers, or open accidentally in your pack.

The handle is made from super tough glass filled nylon which has a rubber overlay for added comfort as well as providing extra grip in wet conditions.

Given the nature of the tasks this saw will be expected to perform, being able to grip tightly and comfortably means less fatigue, fewer blisters and more work done. The finger grooves are towards the back of the handle, helping to provide a nice long draw and some extra reach which is ideal for cutting tree limbs from below.

There is a handy lanyard hole on the end of the handle – I would definitely recommend adding a strap to this to save you from having to retrieve the saw if you drop it.

In the hand the saw feels chunky and solid, the finger grooves are sufficiently pronounced to make for a safe and secure grip.

It certainly doesn’t feel too heavy and I think I could use this for a decent amount of time before I’d had enough.

As a tough and effective folding saw the Kershaw Taskmaster absolutely fits the bill. If you don’t already own a folding saw, isn’t it time that changed?

This is a tough all round saw ideal for a range of situations, whether you’re making a shelter or prepping wood for camp or clearing your back garden.