Product Review: Kershaw Select Fire

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Kershaw Select Fire

Whisper it quietly – a lot of multi tools try and be a jack of all trades but ended up being master of none.

Many of the tools they include just never get used (my need to remove stones from a horses hoof is non existent these days, thank you) so this handy piece of kit from Kershaw may just be the multi tool you’ve been waiting for.

The key difference with the Kershaw Select Fire is that the blade is the star – the ‘tools’ are a useful and well thought addition. The blade isn’t an afterthought at all. This is a proper folder that just happens to have some other tools.

So what are the tools? Well, to be honest, calling it a multi tool is a little bit of a stretch – the tool is basically a screwdriver and four bits. But still, more likely to be useful than 90% of the multi tool options you’ll never use.

The bits fit neatly in sprung carriers which live on either side of the handle. The driver for the bits folds out and is a decent enough length to be practical. The driver feels solid and the magnetic tip holds the bits securely.

As screwdrivers on knives go it’s probably the best example I’ve seen. Most screwdrivers on knives are tiny, impractical fiddly affairs that, in the words of my Gran, are ‘harder work then working’. The Kershaw Select Fire passes the tool test, without a doubt.

So what about the actual knife?

Good news. The knife ain’t bad at all.

Putting aside the included tools, the knife is a decent folder. It has a 3.4″ blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel. OK, it’s not a premium steel, but it’s not a bad steel at all. I have a couple of knives made with it and they are hard wearing and do a good job.

Almost on a par with AUS-8 the 8Cr13MoV steel is great value for money. The blade is bead blasted and almost looks like it has a matte grey finish, with two well positioned thumb studs to help with a one handed open.

Out of the box, the blade is sharpish – I’d look to getting a good edge on it before I used it. Given the steel used, this will be an easy enough job even for a beginner.

The handle is the typical Kershaw Glass Filled Nylon (GFN) which is more than adequate on a budget folding multi tool.

In the hand it feels smooth and quite tactile and the handle scoops allow a comfortable grip. The pocket clip is reversible so ideal for left or right handed use.

As a daily carry, this would definitely be useful. A good, solid blade and a set of 4 bits is a really practical choice – I’d keep one of these in the car just in case.

This is good all round multi tool that offers great value and practical features that you’re actually likely to use. Can’t say fairer than that!