Product Review: Victorinox Classic SD

Victorinox Classic SD red

The Victorinox Classic SD is what most people think of when they think about Swiss Army Knives, it’s an absolute design classic.

When you think of Switzerland, what comes to mind?

Chocolate and neutrality? Watches and nazi gold? Dubious war crime related financial institutions and clocks?

The answer is, of course, knives. Everyone surely knows about the Swiss Army Knife? Most people would recognise the Swiss Army knife more readily than the actual Swiss Army!

The Swiss Army Knife has been with us for a long time, since Karl Elsener supplied his soldiers knife to the Swiss army back in 1891. It’s an iconic design that has stood the test of time and spawned a thousand imitations.

The ‘Classic SD’ by Victorinox is a super compact knife with some really handy features. It’s really a multi tool as much as a knife but has the classic pen knife shape. I imagine when most people think of a ‘pen knife’ it’s the Swiss Army knife that springs to mind, such is the iconic status it has.

Officially The Victorinox Classic SD is listed as having seven different functions, detailed as follows:

Small Knife Blade

Victorinox Classic SD small blade

The Victorinox Classic SD has a single small drop point blade which is manually opened with a finger nick. It measures in at only 4cm and is made from razor sharp stainless steel.

Nail File

Victorinox Classic SD nail file

The Classic SD is perfect for when you need to give your nails the once over as it features a very usable nail file, again made from stainless steel.

2.5mm Screwdriver

Victorinox Classic SD 2.5mm screwdriver

The tip of the nail file tapers to a very handy flat head screwdriver. It’s too small to tackle anything too big, but really handy for a quick screw tightening when you need it.


Victorinox Classic SD scissors

The Victorinox Classic SD has a small pair of very sharp and usable scissors. They are tiny, but really useful in a pinch. The scissors feature a spring mechanism to aid effective cutting.


Victorinox Classic SD tweezers

The tweezers which slide into the body of the knife are very useful for removing splinters and are nicely sprung.


Victorinox Classic SD toothpick

The Classic SD also has a toothpick which slides into the body.


Victorinox Classic SD keyring

I’m not sure I agree with Victorinox citing this as a ‘function’ – to me this is ‘form’ not ‘function’, but I’m not going to quibble as it is a useful addition. This knife is really small, so the ability to add it to a keyring makes perfect sense.

Most people will recognise the Swiss Army Knife as being red, but the Classic SD is available in a range of colours and designs including transparent casings.

Also, each year Victorinox release a limited number of special editions. For example 2019 was all about ‘Foods of the World’ and includes the following eye catching designs.

The Victorinox Classic SD In Different Designs

This knife is a classic for a reason – it’s a design which is tried and tested and actually incredibly useful. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve pulled out the nail file to sort a broken nail before I chew my finger to bits! Yes, it is small, but that just makes it even easier to carry.

If you don’t have a Swiss Army knife, the Classic SD is a perfect jumping in point. It’s small and light, really useful and great value for money.

You can buy the Victorinox Classic SD from – just search for ‘6223’ and select your chosen design.